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1. White malleable Iron according to
DIN EN 1562 (EN-GJMW-400-5)

This iron carbon is getting its characteristical qualities through a special heat treatment and not, like other materials, through its chemical consistance. Through this heat treatment all carbon is removed up to some mm depth from the surface. Thin walled parts get the structure of ferritic steels. This possibility to create complicated casted geometrical structures in combination with the high quality technical features of this iron (excellent for welding, forming and forging) makes white malleable iron to a flexible and exacting partner.

The toughness of white malleable iron avoids a breaking of the material through heavy strain. A hose coupling overdriven by a truck will never break, it only gets oval. Through high expansion limits white malleable iron is suitable to be used at high temperatures, but also up to -60°C, because its firmness qualities improve with declining temperature.

Moreover malleable iron is easy to machine, has an excellent resistance against environmental influences and can be hardened with thermochemical processes.

White mallable iron guarantees us a constantly high quality. As raw material for the production of fittings only uses castings made in German and European foundries.

2. Brass MS 58 /CuZn 39 Pb3),
Material 2.0401

Brass MS 58 is the mainly used alloy for all machining production procedures. It guarantees high durability, can be galvanized excellent (nickel plating) and is as a result of its material characteristics extremely well suitable for all turned parts. For its production uses MS 58 in different profiles (Hexagon-, round-, pipe-profiles) or warm forged raw parts.


3. Free-cutting steel (11s Mn Pb 30)

Material 1.0718 according to DIN EN 10087
Good machining quality is the requirement for an economical production of turned parts with high precision and excellent surface quality. The material 1.0718 fulfils these characteristics. The possibility to weld, harden and for surface treatments is also guaranteed.

4. Stainless Steel, Material 1.4401
(ANSI # 316) and 1.4305

Rust- and acid-resistance, excellent mechanical qualities and high durability at good machining qualities make this material the ideal partner for high quality fittings to be used under extreme conditions with aggressive fluids or for food and drinking water applications.
Chemical composition:

Carbon < 0.08 Manganese < 1.5
Silicon < 1.5 Nickel 9 -12
Sulphur < 0.04 Chrome 18 -21
Phosphorus <=0.04 Molybdenum 2-3

5. Aluminium

The alloy Al Mg Si 1 F 31 can be hardened and is excellent resistant against corrosion. It can be polished, is resistant against chemical fluids and is well suitable for machining.
This alloy is used by for forged parts.
As profile material the alloy Al Cu Mg Pb F38 is machined.

6. ECOBRASS®. (UNS C 69300)

ECOBRASS® is a new innovative material that combines the machining advantages of brass with hardness and resistance characteristics of stainless steel. ECOBRASS® is extraordinarily corrosion-resistant, free of lead and toxic compounds (fulfils coming restrictions of the car industry) and keeps its shining colour long lasting. ECOBRASS® is certified for drinking water applications. It is only slightly more expensive than brass MS 58, exhibits however an important price advantage in regard to stainless steel. machines ECOBRASS® as special alloy on request.